Saturday, 25 October 2014

Qualita Italiana

I was so lucky to be born on an island where the very first outdoor thing that my baby browns focused on was the brilliant, deep, blue of the Mediterranean.

I guess that is why I am still drawn to the sea and have chosen to live here on the coast, even if Margate's weather isn't quite so clement and, although our sea has its blue moments, they are never as vivid as the Med which can always take my breath away.

As I typed here yesterday it was rainy and grey, so I attempted to create a warmer atmosphere by playing my CD of music from 'The Godfather'.  Thanks to composer Nino Rota and director Francis Ford Coppola, I doubt that I shall ever see another big church wedding without hearing their amazing main theme from the movie in my mind and recalling the wedding party scene.

The last big white wedding I attended as a guest here, was in a stately home where the photographer had a team of three and a fee of £10,000 + VAT. The last big white wedding I observed was in Sorrento at Sant'Agnello and believe me, when the Italian families do a wedding they do it in style! It is still one of the memorable highlights of that day.

According to my photographic magazines, some UK wedding photographers are 'giving up' through lack of demand. In Italy, instead of whinging and quitting, they have a cooperative to market their services. Today's main picture is from
Go to his site, click on 'blog' and see what I mean about collaboration.

Thanks for stopping by. [Today's Margate forecast is for wall-to-wall sunshine and 14 degrees. Not bad for October. Again, we are truly blessed but still ... Sorrento calls ...]
Sant'Agnello Sorrento

Friday, 24 October 2014

Arundel by chance

Yes. I know. This picture isn't Arundel.

It is on the outskirts of Sorrento. Because I have an almost pathological aversion to junk and clutter I have a habit of discarding notebooks and photographs, which is downright daft because I create too many of them!

In Autumn 2012 we fell in love with Sorrento. I kept a few shots in a photo album which Madame has kept but the others - apart from a handful that I featured in a book [Viv la Viva - Blurb Publishing] were binned, deleted or lost.

I had one particular image in mind and of course, couldn't find it.

So I wandered around Google Images and came across the one you see here. It is not the same but very similar to the one I had taken en-route from the airport to our hotel.

A couple of clicks later I discovered that it had been taken by Brenda Nassarian, a gifted photographer who keeps her stuff ... as you might expect from an enthusiastic antique dealer.

There was a time when I visited Sussex on a very regular basis and took time out to explore towns like Arundel, Rye, Robertsbridge, and so on. It is a beautiful county with dramatic coastlines and countryside.

An hour later [Yes. Really!] I finished exploring Brenda's website. Scroll down on the right column of her blog and you will gain access to previous posts and some stunning photography.

Will I do as the song says and 'Return to Sorrento'? You bet your bippy. More about why tomorrow if you're good.

Meanwhile, Brenda's blog is at

Enjoy and Ciao!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Last Chance Days

Three days ago I sat here, just above Margate's Fulsam Rock where the North Sea, the Thames Estuary and the English Channel meet.

It was quiet on Monday at high tide. I haven't checked yet, but I guess it will be chilly with grey sky and turbulent sea today. Magnificent in its own way, but hardly conducive to sitting  in the sun with a favourite book.

That day even my 30+ year old paperback of Biplane couldn't hold my attention for long. My mind wandered and wondered if this would be my last chance to linger and enjoy a moment alone until spring next year. Would it be the last chance forever if the new foreshore hotel planned by KCC comes to pass. [But then maybe I could linger every day, all year, in a coffee veranda?]

Richard Bach delivered more than just a great yarn which revealed his passion for flying. Although I hadn't read this book for several years it still had the power to vividly remind me of four different days in years gone by when I was able to fly in biplanes as a passenger from small country airfields, and one magnificent day when I was allowed to take the controls for almost half an hour.

Reluctantly I tucked the book in my jacket pocket [in the days when it was printed, the US pocketbook format was small enough to allow this], meandered a little way up the slope and shot this picture. Not for the first time ... but maybe the last.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Moment Alone

Margate | 1045 Hrs.  | Monday October 20th 2014| 23 degrees| Light Southerly
                          Today's forecast for the same time and place: 12 degrees | overcast| Westerly Gale

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


The advance publicity said it was 'for gentlemen on a journey'. It said the launch issue would be a road trip from London to Rome.

...Early this morning I wrote and posted a highly critical review of Road Book magazine [UK edition]

... Then I thought how I would have reacted when I was a magazine editor

... And remembered 'if you cannot say something good, then better stay quiet'.

... So that is why I have removed it and posted this instead.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Say What?

Effective communication depends on each party sharing common tongue, terminology, slang and understanding of body language.

It also helps if they don't all talk at once, a point that seems lost on some radio and television producers. It helps even more when there is a shared socio-economic background.

This acronym will have meaning to people who are heavily into text and twitter that is different from my translation.

I have met several wealthy individuals and a couple of exceedingly wealthy guys. As a result I know that they have very highly tuned crap detectors that can sense a scam as it appears on their horizon.

The person who wrote the sales pitch below clearly missed any and all of the above observations. To me it screams 'amateur', 'English is not their first language', and 'how the hell did it ever get posted on the internet?'

I was intrigued enough to explore further. I have edited out the website address because it delivered the following message ... this domain is registered with Go Daddy and may be available to purchase. Go Daddy is a free web hosting organisation. Hardly what one would associate with the message being attempted in this masterpiece of gobbledegook!

If you click on the picture it might enlarge, but it still won't make much sense!

OMG courtesy of acronyms

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Being in love
Is akin to toothache
When you have either
You can't imagine what it was like without
When you don't
You can't imagine the pain
Many people
Have avoided dentists for too long
Colin  - The Star Process - published  2005