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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Some ideas for this blog are dismissed almost as soon as they are conceived. Others are used. The third category includes ideas that still seem to have some merit and yet don't warrant an entire post of their own.
Take this jukebox for example. I grew up in an age when jukeboxes were massive, floor standing, major items of machinery and engineering. Their valve based acoustics could literally shake the floor at max bass.
So I never really took to these tiny table top versions. Now however, they do seem to exert a vague nostalgic appeal, which is why I saved this picture from the net. Now that it has featured here I can hit 'delete' and remove it.

A couple of months ago I revealed that I had discovered a red radio on Ebay and that the price was way, way, too high. More recently I mentioned 'The Law of Attraction'. One of the foundations of which states that 'we tend to attract into our lives that which we focus upon'.
So guess my subconscious must've kept that notion alive and last week I was able to purchase this little beauty for a low price which I could afford. See? This stuff can work! 
If you have ever need to staple a few pages together to make a booklet from A4 sheets of paper you will soon discover that standard desk staplers just can't hack it. Long reach versions are clumsy and expensive. That's why I was attracted by this little magnetic number.
It costs 7 bucks in the USA. That converts to around 4 quid UK. [TIP: For rough conversion, multiply US$ x 0.6] So why does    Amazon.co.uk price it at £14?
Can you imagine the fun:difficulty ratio of getting the damned thing lined up along the proposed spine of your report? A cute idea that I can cheerfully pass on.
Over at my 'Elsewhere' column - far right - I do sometimes add sites that interest me. I also remove those which have served their purpose. So do take a trip over there from time to time.I removed one today which has often featured great material but, of late, it has been so littered with expletives that I really don't want to share it any more. A regular use of bad language is a public demonstration of poor vocabulary, upbringing and intellect!
To conclude this ramble. What does this slogan mean to you?
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Price of progress?

The publisher of Professional Photographer and Photography Monthly has pulled the plug on both titles.

The writing has been on the wall for the last year or so with retailers stocking '2 for 1' copies as a way of recycling back numbers without cost [ie. Get the punters to throw them away] and, when the Editor began to be branded as 'Group Editor' expecting contributors to submit copy for the kudos of seeing their stuff in print instead of being paid.

A survivor is f2 Freelance Photographer and even here, the cover price just north of £4 a time has shifted it into 'unaffordable luxury' for me.

Now I am buying each issue as a download to read on my laptop computer where it shares honours with The Inspired Eye magazine.

Ye Gods! I never expected the day to dawn! As an ex-editor and now, ex-analogue photographer, I realise that one cannot be a luddite forever.

I still cannot visualise myself reading books on Kindle type devices any day soon. But like the man says, 'Never say never'.

Despite this blog being founded under the style of Margate 35mm I have now sold or given away almost all of my film camera gear.

So even at 77 years old, I am not yet too ancient to change. Not quite.

Give me enough time to get used to it.


That header picture? Yep! I have kept a Vivitar UWS for old times sake.

Another magazine bites the dust. RIP.

There are some great FREE articles at http://blog.flickr.net/en


Usual time - usual place?

Sunday coffee corner.

But only in my dreams.

And yet, one day we may turn a corner and it will be there.

Could the reality match the dream?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Notebookist too!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Brief Notes

All true! From my book Viva la Vivi [2012 Blurb]
More on this here in the days ahead
My kinda coffee shop! Pic by Chase Jarvis from NZ
As usual, click on a picture to make it bigger. Thanks for looking! Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

More Midori and something new

Via www.johnguycollick.com/
Almost two years ago, to the very day, an author named John Guy Collick posted a blog article on his search for the perfect notebook.

I have not read his books because fantasy fiction doesn't do it for me, but his thoughts on notebooks are still relevant.

Margate is a wonderful place to live but there is little choice in local shops for my stationery fetish. Financial restrictions force me to keep this addiction under tight control. These two facts led, inevitably, to the nice people at Bureau Direct and their great mail order service.

Yesterday they launched a blog to complement their searchable product website and, judging by the first posting, it has great promise and I expect it to become a 'must visit regularly' site in my list of favourites.

Prices are fair, there is a 10% discount on the first Wednesday of each month and postage to UK is free on orders over £10. Don't be daft! OF COURSE I have no connection with any companies that I recommend on these pages!!!

Take a wander over to:

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Photo phase

When I wrote recently in praise of Inspired Eye photography magazine, I may have alienated those of you who actually enjoy the tech stuff about cameras.

To redress the balance, I commend to you the blog of Don Springer who is the co-founder of aforesaid magazine.

His blog is now well into its third year and he has an infectious sense of fun and enthusiasm that comes through in his writing ... and his photos.

As the Margate weather remains resolutely cold, and damp, and grey Don's blog makes enjoyable reading in my man-cave.

Find it at:


and surf around to your heart's content.

Here's a bit more about the philosophy of Inspired Eye which may partially explain why I like it so much.

Photo from screen hence dodgy quality but the PDF won't allow me to save it
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